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Multiculturalism has led to widespread divisions across Britain

AN OBSESSION with multiculturalism, coupled with a disastrous commitment to open borders, has turned Britain into a nation divided.

Some Muslims believe 75 per cent of the UK share their faith

The terrifying extent to which this has taken place has been laid bare by the Government’s integration tsar Dame Louise Casey. 

Among the findings of her new study is that some Muslims believe three quarters of people living in this country share their faith. 

Given their experience of life in some parts of Britain it is possible to see how they reached this staggering conclusion

Too many communities have morphed into ethnic enclaves where people from overseas continue to speak their mother tongue, have their own schools and watch their own television channels. 

Some rarely if ever set foot outside housing estates which have become culturally isolated. 

By accepting hundreds of thousands of new arrivals every year we have made it possible for communities to remain effectively cut off from the rest of society. Britain is turning into a nation divided

Successive governments must also bear responsibility for failing to promote and support integration. 

Some rarely if ever set foot outside housing estates

This dislocation is not healthy for our society and such division breeds only hatred and mistrust. 

Serious social problems such as extremist radicalisation, child abuse scandals and the emergence of secret courts may all be linked to the establishment of these enclaves. 

Far more must be done to promote British values and ensure that they are widely respected. Sad some sneer at the idea of patriotism and regard it as somehow backward, uncouth or even faintly racist. 

It is about time we instilled a sense of pride in this country – and encouraged everybody living here to share in it.


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