The sad state of Labours Salford

It amazes  me to read what Labour are doing to help the people of this city,then in reality you see the results when you canvass, absolutely nothing.I have worked with the elderly for the past twenty five years but these people were isolated from the tough world outside,those who cant find places in accommodation Live in a world of hardship struggling day by day to push through a meagre existence. I witnessed tonight shopping with my wife in Morrison’s a couple checking every item they purchased  to see if they had enough to pay, both look tired worn out and miserable but still they clung to each other both around the 70 mark both still obviously in love and fighters but why should they be struggling why are they not enjoying the remnants of their time together, We see greedy politicians taking the cream from every thing and those who have more than likely seen more hardship than good in their life suffer. Where is the promised help for these people or again are we seeing nothing more than cheap political promises.


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