What would you describe has poverty?

The new rate will be £20,000 a year – £384.62 a week – for couples and families outside London, down from £26,000. Some families will lose up to £115 a week.

DWP bosses say the measure will stop families getting huge pay-outs without working, but campaigners have dubbed it a ‘cruel’ attack on vulnerable people.

Salford mayor Paul Dennett took to the streets to talk to those who will be affected.

He said: “The sudden and drastic nature of this cut to benefits is dangerous and alarming.The man on how much a year?

I read this and the Salford Mayors take on the issue.it worries that are we seeing a real life view on the Topic or in reality another game of shameless Punch and Judy politics from Labour and the Tories.To be honest how many of you out there are receiving  

£ 20,000 pounds a year working 40 hrs. a week and surviving? i bet many of you would like to receive £20.000. I can understand people not wanting to work getting £20,000 for sitting at home i fancy that myself but sadly it’s back to work for me Thursday, Labour love to throw money around we have seen that in the past and to be honest with Corbyn leading the pack i  can see us all in the poor house. Poverty is shameful and real cases need all the help they can get but the sad reality is  we have to cut our cloth, Labour on the other hand live in a rose coloured world where things are sweet and cosy and borrowing is the norm, sadly that’s the reason we are the mess we find ourselves today,


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