Lets not let trump take us away from the serious issues we have and should not loose sight of the answers.

Control of our borders makes sense in the climate of terror acts being committed within our cities,  vetting of those who seek entry to our homes  is not an attack on  a section within our society or an attack on any form of religious belief. But what we see today from a man unfit to hold the post of President is tantamount to blatant segregation and racism . I was  brought up in the Manchester suburbs  where Jews,Poles ,Asians and others lived our lives in peace,never did the thought pass the minds of these people to commit crimes that would shock and to take religion into the realms of terror.Today our world is different today sadly one community faces the sad fact that part of that section is damned by a minority of fanatics people who live in a past century a century where barbarity  was the excepted norm, We should be unifying ourselves to fight this terror,the people yesterday marched against Trump the reality they may have spent the time  better sat at home because this man  was democratically elected by people who have the sad knack of elected fools Bush comes to mind and we have to live with the fallout. We should be  seeking our elected representatives time to ask what they  will do to make this man think again, his policies do not shock me,why? because he campaigned on the very same platform,what scares me is the fact this is the man two weeks in without a political nightmare to face as the world up in arms.


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