I never thought i would see the day i offered support to a Tory Leader.

Theresa May will call on Britons to put their Brexit disagreements behind them and join forces on the “momentous journey” to freedom from the European Union. On the day she formally sets Brexit in motion by triggering Article 50, the Prime Minister will lay out her “fierce determination” to get the right deal for “every single person in this country”.

UKIP started the ball in motion, today Mrs May must run with it and score us a victory we all deserve  regardless of our political  belief. We must fight for the best deal but if that deal is not the right deal walk away. We cannot be held to ransom .

Why does your Political view effect you when you wish to donate.

In Salford it does for some strange reason.I spoke to my chairman yesterday to seek permission to donate cash to a local charity of course he agreed,the sad part in response to our offer from the group, the answer we received none,the moment you mention you are UKIP the line  goes dead ,so are we really so badly in need of food or charity when people can  afford to ignore  you ?  today will be my last attempt to offer funds obviously things are not as bad as people make out.