Open letter to Mr Farage,our Tory MP and Mr Banks

If you really wish to carry on doing your dirty washing in public please pick another laundry to do it. This party set out it’s aims and achieved those aims with the help of the British public, today we must diversify gather our supporters and move on.  We are a young party limited in Finances and the manpower which others seem to have in droves,but the support we have is passionate with a will to win. We do not need a group of people who’s sole aim seems to damage the good name of this group in the gutter press. Mr Banks i believe as  not put any cash into the party for the past 18 months so he will be of no loss,Our Tory MP should in reality go back from whence he came and Mr Farage must understand we have new leadership it’s time he moved on to new pastures in his role as a Radio presenter or Trump aid and leave the campaigning to people who wish to win and move this party forward. .  


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