So Labour loose Kersal to the Tories what next?

We understood pre the campaign start we had little chance, to be honest i suggested paper being the most sensible way forward.  The reality the seat belongs to another Branch and they wanted to fight it and  sadly we ended up supplying a candidate.  Our candidate was to honest just to go paper wanting to offer residents a clear choice,the facts were the seat as been  held by Labour since i was a lad  and the area is predominantly Jewish also  the independent local man had a burning issue to fight with. We had nothing we had to parachute our man in  knowing the odds were against us. Credit to our man he put in the time knowing he had little hope , but you have to ask a question what of Salford Labour losing Nationally held seats and locally held seat ? it must speak volumes for Labour under Corbyn  leading me to believe target seats can be taken from Labour by opposition  groups,this morning the Tories Gloat over their win quoting the UKIP bubble as burst in Salford i offer one thought i wonder if we had the benefit of putting in our Jewish candidate how would the result of panned out? we will fight target seats in May 2018 where we have chance,  other seats where i think we have little chance of winning i will voice my role on the local committee to leave, we must be realistic if we are to succeed  we must fight our battles with Labour and the Tories when we have a level playing field if not the scant resources we have will cut the chances of others to make the breakthrough this city needs and deserves .


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