From the 50.60s till today what went wrong with religion?

Born in the 50s raised in the sixties and married in the seventies,  we never thought of religion, the only issues we read about were in Ireland,the followers of Islam how many times did we read that? to be honest never, In Salford people of all race  worked together even today one of my closet friends is a refugee from the Vietnam war both he and his wife run businesses in Salford  their Children are true members of Salford’s  youth.Sad when we hear so much rhetoric ,sad when a sect can try to influence others that rape , Murder and suicide bombings is the norm,that this life is hell and the after life is waiting, Sad when our leaders seem impotent in ideas on how to cure this evil. But i say to day we must come together to eradicate w hat in reality is a throw back to a barbaric past. religion is a belief that their is hope and a  future not a licence to murder and maim.


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