Tories attack the small business man how do they sell this to their voters.

Philip Hammond was beaten up pretty badly at last night’s meeting of Tory MPs.
Colleagues rounded on him for hiking a tax on the self-employed (for which one can read, entrepreneurs) and for another raid on dividend payment tax relief. How exactly are Tory MPs meant to sell this to their voters? And how does it stand alongside claims to be the party of aspiration and enterprise?
No wonder business groups were furious, with one denouncing “a £1bn tax hike on those who set themselves up in business”, concluding that many of their members “will now see a significant rise in their tax liabilities.” Much of the outrage stems from the fact the 2015 Tory manifesto ruled out any hikes to National Insurance.
This is the kind of brazen tax raid that can only be carried out by a party riding 20 points ahead in the polls and facing an opposition that doesn’t know which day of the week it is. Hammond had promised a boring budget; instead he’s set himself on collision course with Tory voters and MPs alike. We can expect this row to run and run.


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