When do we shake off the fear of being called a racist?

At 62 i feel i have had a good life and made many friends, my sadness in this life  i have witnessed the disgraceful segregation of Blacks in America and South Africa ,the religious turmoil’s in   Northern Ireland and today the sad fact we face the worse terror i have witnessed ,mass murder and barbaric torture under the the banner of Islamic fundamentalism. I have always believed religion in any form was a message of peace and love for you fellow man.,Perhaps i was wrong ,i have never been religious each to his own was my creed  but today i wish we could eradicate those that preach hate to our fellow man. If that brands me as a racist then i have no defence, life is to short and no one as the right to take it away, especially the cowards that can decapitate others cowering under a veil they call religion. To those i damn them in hope their is a god and they have to answer to him.    


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