Close your eyes refresh you mind read this and then answer the question with a right mind could you vote Labour.

It is a telling insight into the incompetence, laziness and sheer lack of brainpower among Labour‘s top team.

Abbott should not be anywhere near her party’s front bench.

This is a politician who endlessly rants about racism then accuses “white people” of “playing divide and rule”. 

She claimed that hiring 10,000 police officers would cost £300,000

Who professes to despise grammars yet sent her son to an expensive private school.

She claims to oppose the unscrupulous rich yet failed to declare thousands of pounds of earnings from the BBC. 

She even piously told fellow MPs that “we weren’t sent to Parliament to abstain” only to miss a key vote on Brexit (so important that several MPs suffering from cancer took part) because she had “a migraine”, an excuse that some disbelieved.

Every vote for Labour is a vote to put Diane Abbott in charge of MI5, the police, our borders, the visa system and much else besides.

If that isn’t enough to put Labour voters off then nothing will be.



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