Early thoughts after the local elections

With out having a Crystal ball the results where obvious,in regards to UKIP it lost it’s talisman when Farage stepped down,it did a fantastic job to get the referendum and in the long run i firmly believe Britain will be a better place for it. But without a raft of  fresh policies it could offer little to the General public to offer even a crumb of hope for the future. Labour have reverted to left wing dogma with a weak and ineffective leader at it’s helm and if they don’t wake up to the fact they are  doomed to the role of opposition bench warmers. The Tories they are riding high with a strong leader the reality they will  win the Election the facts it will be a disaster for the average  working man or women and a future of austerity and pain. This country needs something to come out of the ashes to wipe away the years of political infighting my hope it comes soon.


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