Imagine this for a business plan you where trying to sell to the bank,

Well i have a pretty successful football club with a stadium in easy reach of locals and good bus roots, yes, well did i forget to mention we have a very profitable social club also? no. Well i thought even though it only seats 8.000 and on a good day will only get 3,000 i would love to knock it down, build one that seats 20,000 to cover the rush of fans who want to come,hmm how about the social  club as a source of secondary income? oh forget that. What about access where will you sight it? sorted that we have a sight with one road in and one road out. Tell me again,no may be not request refused. But where can i get the Money? not of us soon were a bank and have to look after other peoples money,you could try your local Labour council though.


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