Well my answer to the Latest email what do i think of the Political, leaders.

Labours Corbyn a man of strong principals that deserve respect but in reality someone who needs to come out of the seventies, He as failed to answer some  serious questions that have left him looking weak.

The Liberal Democrats must reject their leader he reminds me of a LAP DOG pinning is bid on a referendum strike 2 if this is the best the Liberals have to offer they will tread water forever.

The Tory leader looks strong and as played her cards well,but what we will see after the election will effect millions Thatcher was in my eyes a nasty piece of work i think May with a mandate will create a nightmare .

UKIP we had a man who would never have made leader but deserves so much for his efforts Farage is a man sadly missing in British politics Paul sadly will see the party slowly fade away after it in realty realised it’s purpose. 

In retrospect  we need a middle ground party to offer a vision and something that does not survive on punch and Judy politics and sound bites,will i ever see it i don’t know but i live in hope.


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