Well the leaders debate without punch and Judy, a quick summary.

Two main leaders feared to show, yes we all saw what happened with Cameron on the referendum debate they must have felt the same. Two people who today  show the contempt they have for the British voting public in general. Paul Nutall  god bless him was placed as the Bogey  man someone summed up last night better than i could


Apart from the fact we all today understand the Liberal Leader used to live in Preston and is fixated with a second referendum and possible a third until he gets the vote he wants, the Greens live in another planet,the welsh leader is infuriatingly rude and ill informed, and the people of last nights audience should have listened to a simple fact that this so called opposition is full of extended sound bites they failed in General to answer the questions set,Paul Nutall looked sadly like Custer fighting of the Indians but he at least as a set of balls and did a sound job for a party leader under pressure sadly the two main party leaders lacked any.


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