Is Corbyn right that Foreign policy as caused terrorism?

For once i have to agree, we have in realty started the ball rolling being puppets in what  was nothing more than regime change. We helped create a vacuum and what seemed more strange we allowed the people we have supposedly freed the right to still carry arms. We were lead blind folded into war by Labour. We stood back while the people who filled these vacuums step in unopposed.America as no real constructive foreign policy  all we did was to offer legitimacy. Today we are reaping what we have sown. The problem is how do we defeat this cancer,vigils and tattooed bees in a month will be forgotten we need a combined multi national  plan instigated and  followed through, if the people who have come to our shores in the hope of help and yet feel they have no need to respect our ways  let them return,i grew up with Jews Asians and others being Born in Manchester i never remember hate or frictions within my community of Cheetham  hill  on growing up,what went wrong.To much blood as been split lives taken to early this cannot go on. I ask the Muslim Community leaders to come out and condemn  these  atrocities and others if you have even the smallest thing to help the Police do it. I sat with my grandchildren and thought what would have happened if i lost them,the pain being suffered today in this city cant be allowed to continue, unified we can beat these animal’s.


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