"I would like the public to know a Muslim surgeon has been working tirelessly to save children’s lives" Wife of Egyptian Muslim surgeon speaks of her pride as he reveals ‘entire days’ of operations

I read this article in the MEN it made me think,the article was from the mans wife,how sad she as to offer a defence for a man who as worked in what he does best saving our children’s lives. Who in their right mind cares what you believe in, i am none religious but i would fight to see any man or women have the right to practice their beliefs, I grew up in community of Jews,Muslims,Catholics,and protestants,i witnessed the worst of sectarian murders but today i feel saddened that a religion people tell me preaches peace as been hijacked  by psychopathic murderers. I damn anyone who thinks their religion gives them the right to think they can practice barbaric murder in belief their religion is the only one people should follow blindly i welcome with open arms into my community people like this Doctor is wife and anyone from what ever sections of this community to offer a hand to each other and stamp out the people who believe violence will win.  


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