Three extremist dead is this the start of sleeper cell?should we not today be arming our Police to deal rapidly with the religious maniacs.

Snap_2017.06.04_09h35m14s_001Where are these people being turned? are we looking at people who have entered our country under a guise of refugees? so many questions how many of our citizens have to die by these animals before we react. We see the rapid cuts in our police force with a blatant starvation of funds and troops propping up the gaps in our security. A security system failing to offer answers quickly so others can react and communities that must have some clue of what these people are planning.I ask the PC amongst us how do you feel today? UKIP called for stringent controls and were targeted as racist damn the PC, the time today is to find a solution before others die at the hands of  Islamic fanatics.


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