Thursday the devil and the deep blue sea which way are you voting.

Hard choices?should we look at the facts,The Tories attack the poor, sick,old and defenceless,what ever you views given their record with a large majority they will slash and burn public services. The NHS safe in our hands, not under the Tories,pension and workers rights, we have already seen how women planning retirement have been forced to work on,all this while we subsidise other countries. Can you imagine five more year of Tory rule? And what of Labour? someone who fears pushing the button, does not believe in shoot to kill  policies and freely associates with so called ex terrorist,our nuclear deterrent will be no more and  with Mrs Abbott by his side doing the sums, what a choice. This year i offered my vote to a friend he understands he will not win but still had the guts to fight on and for that alone he as my respect,shame the result will give us one of two parties both with shocking records of serving the people.


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