What a night Politics who said a weeks a long time.

My eyes are like two piss holes in the snow i am definitely getting to old for this. Believe it or not i could not be happier the Tories  are at their weakest their leader will have to resign at some point and who sits in the wings? well if it’s Boris that should send them on a backslide, Mrs Rudd only scrapped in, so not much of a choice ether, so where do they go  after all this with Brexit still to come?. Coalition one option, and with the Liberals once bitten who’s left but the Irish oh joy. As for Corbyn it seems a lot fell for his give away manifesto but if you know your not going to get in your can promise anything knowing full well you don’t after provide. What say we see another election within the year by then the pound will have slumped,markets down, more austerity and a Labour opposition still unable to do anything about it. time for change. 


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