I’ve. just read this comment off the star and it made me think surely this needs a response.

Concerns about the smoke ventilation system and a report high light 4 other major fire hazards in the block were brought up at one of the community meetings 4 years ago. This meeting was attended by the (Head of sustainable regeneration) and Salix. The residents concerned and the report on fire hazards in the tower block where dismissed by both representatives. The minutes for the meeting produced a few weeks after had no mention of what was said. The fire inspection reports for all council tower blocks for the past 10 years must be made public. People living in the tower blocks should get there own independent inspection carried out. If the cladding and the fitting of gas systems in these block poses any sort of risk then CRIMINAL action must be taken against all those responsible. don’t let the council, salix, city west and pendelton together, cover this up. Residents should form action groups https://www.meetup.com/


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