Love Trump looks like he as never got over his time on the apprentice.

fired3 The leader of the free world,will the last leaving turn out the light.


Morality today or the loss of it.

14  year of age raped, and after seeking help raped again. I wonder how i would feel if that was my daughter and two people with the morals standard of animals where allowed to walk the streets? what as this country become, why do we fear to speak out and not demand sentences to fit the crime. At 62 i heard the phrase many times i would swing if someone did that to my child and to be honest i would to, i hope these people face the strongest sentences to fit the barbarity  of the crime.

I was with my three year old granddaughter the other day and she said she had done a Donald trump i burst out laughing then had a thought.

It’s an old British word for breaking wind,yep we have all done it, remember you are embarrassed to have done it,hope no one heard it and then the key hope no one got a whif  a bit like Donald you are embarrassed to say you’ve done it,in his case voted, hope no one outside America hears him and last but  not least hope to god no one Listens to the out and out shit he spouts.

Well bloody done Tesco lets hope other Supermarkets follow suit.

Tesco has today announced it will reduce the price of women’s sanitary products in a bid to make them more affordable for customers.
The supermarket has agreed to slash the price of tampons and sanitary towels by 5% to cover the cost of the so-called ‘Tampon Tax’ ahead of government proposals to remove VAT on the items.
It will apply to nearly 100 Tesco own label and branded products in the range – including Always and Bodyform amongst other popular household names.
Tesco previously committed to passing the 5% saving on to customers when the government’s proposed removal of VAT first came into force, but has chosen to act early ‘to help customers with their regular shop’.
The supermarket’s tax ban on tampons kicks in today – Friday 28 July, and includes tampons, panty liners and sanitary towels.
Speaking about the price reduction, Michelle McEttrick at Tesco said: “For many of our customers, tampons, panty liners and sanitary towels are essentials products.