One comment i agree with.

The sad truth is that 40% of us voted for this mad gang of country wrecking Marxists – that can’t be explained solely by students – every one of us has an obligation to get the message out there to granny – auntie or whoever it was who drank the cool aid – this bloke is going to destroy you life and the lives of your children and grandchildren – your pension will be gone – your savings will be gone – your job will be gone – look what happened last time we had a hard left Labour Government in the UK our country was so bankrupt we had to go begging to the IMF and that was long before we already have a £1.57 trillion debt – any loss of confidence and you will see financial Armageddon in this country – under Labour in 1976 interest rates went to 15% if that happens today with our massive debt load we are facing a Greece style debt spiral


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