People sneered when Salford council said Chapel Street could be the heart of a trendy community… Now there’s serious talk of a ‘little village near the city centre, like the Northern Quarter, or Chorlton’

Yep i remember it well the concerns of people getting rich, with speculators getting planning through with limited section 106 funding being returned to the council.the possibility of starved investment in other areas of the city,the breakdown of communities, the idea that we could be seeing an off shoot of building simply because it’s cheaper than Manchester where the land is at a premium, strange the proximity of the builds is  so close to the Manchester centre.  Strange how you would wish to drink your cappuccino lights in a 20 mile an hour bus route section, i wonder what do the buses return to the environment and health but what the hell someone’s making a buck. Like i still say we are the last bus stop  on the way to Manchester’s growing economy and if that makes the new up and coming happy the plebs will just have to suffer.


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