Just read this on the star.Hmm, surely these people need some reassurance lets hope we get some form of response.

Jon Smith wrote
at 9:57:44 AM on Thursday, July 20, 2017

I don’t know who Councillor John Warmisham has been speaking to, as no one in Thorn or Spruce have seen him or any other Councillors around here asking how residents fill, and as for allaying peoples fears, he is just blowing smoke up the medias arse, he and other councillors need to come and talk to residents who live in tower block in Pendleton, high rise not low rise. in your item you say that that Deputy Mayor John Merry told councillors that, “as of yesterday, concrete panels were being installed to protect the insulation on the exterior of the Pendleton blocks” I and a number of other residents were out on the estate yesterday and could see no work being carried out on any of the blocks. Maybe its the invisible man and his invisible work force who are doing this.


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