Is it me or reading speeches by Mr Dennett seems like reading one more Unattainable Labour Vision.


Yesterday, Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, further revealed plans for Salford Council to build council houses for sale and private rent, with the profits from these subsidising desperately needed social rent properties.

First we have not built in numbers for years.

Next we gave away stock like a Christmas sale with statements that it was the only way to draw down cash from central Government we did not have the funds.

And then we allow Speculators to build with virtually no provision for affordable properties.

And then the None profit making companies state they have shortfalls.

And then we read the council are to build to sell, question where’s the cash  coming from? how many builds ? where are they to be sited? how many affordable properties? who will build them? the list is endless like Labours pipe dreams of thousands more Police,Cutting student debt, and the £10.00 Basic wage they live in never never Land,


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