Politics the difference between each party and your role.

Its funny really i grew up in a working class family born in Manchester but moved to Salford at an early age,I love Salford and yet choose to forget my Birthplace, apart from Oasis i feel nothing for my roots only my background.Salford is a city to be proud of it’s only failing  it fails to believe in it’s self, we can be as vibrant as Manchester and a great place to live if only its leaders wake to it’s needs.As a city it closes after five, we have little if any in regards to nightlife  and the inability to attract key brands into the city is a sad warning, i often wondered do people outside the city still feel we wear flat caps and  clogs, Lowry god rest him as a lot to answer for. Labour are lost in a mad idea to impress we need to build homes next to stagnated rivers to attract, failing to see what can be achieved in the inner city and forget also that without infrastructure and transport the city will stagnate,the lack of jobs and the poor health of it’s residents help little. Drugs and crime are a growing curse and yet we have little in regard to police numbers to protect us. The conservative’s fail to leave their  bastion of growth outside the leafy confines of Worsley clueless to the needs of the masses and yet the national scene attracts votes for them, i would offer surprise if anyone outside Worsley    could recognise a conservative councillor. Surely this city needs change and a new direction,that’s where you come in. Change is only possible at the ballot box only you can do that.


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