UKIP the end.

Sad to read the list of prospective leaders to the party, not one recognisable.a party leader needs certain things, the key to be able to walk into a room of waiting journalist and be instantly recognisable would help. What ever you think of this party they stuck to a task the British people wanted and voted for on mass, the inner circle consisted of some great minds led by someone you could call Mr Charisma ,Farage when he walked into a room the atmosphere changed,if he came back today i could see an upsurge sadly that’s not to be, the in fighting and the minority of idiots who felt a Good  self interest press story better than the welfare of the group more important have destroyed the central core. After Brexit and the press butchery someone needed to answer the fears and questions from a UKIP stance that never happened ,the Party as destroyed itself, the people have lost faith i see no future sadly who ever takes control will be running a ship slowly sinking.


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