Shame really you cant take a little of each party put it in a bag shake it up and sell what’s left to the public.

I got mixed up in Politics by chance i was an ex Union official and in the early days fell into Socialism or part time Communism my old fellow used to say, it was only when i met a Liberal Democrat activist the bug got serious. I had no clues to what these people stood for but soon found out,what ever sins the party leadership got into to grasp power at any cost by joining the Tories was the down fall of a Salford branch well led and staffed by some of the best people i had the chance to meet. Norman Owen today sits with Labour and we have had our spats mainly because we where to much alike,knock the man all you will he was good at what he did, and i am sorry we departed on the terms we did. But that’s water under the bridge history gone and forgotten. I stood knowing i could never change the political make up of the council but for those i helped i will always feel some success and my time not wasted.I decided to look at the other parties to gain anything that look like a brief insight of how they work and their end goals, The Greens, take away the lunatic fringe you have a core group of people committed to the world we live in and they should be commended but sadly they will never gain power or any real status within communities like our own, to many people are worried can they pay the rent to worry over Global warming,  UKIP again a party with some key issues that we should all be worried over but tainted as racist, in my time with them i met only one but throw enough mud it sticks, sadly the party is finished  once it achieved it’s goal it’s days where numbered,but no one should take away  the changes that will happen for the betterment of this country  due to the leadership of men like Farage. The Labour party full of people long in the tooth and should be put out to pasture but again i met some people who believed and had shown they where true believers of it’s core values,the rest seeing out time and collecting their allowances to those people i have nothing but distaste as for the Tories i ask you to make up your own minds they and they alone will live in history by their record and the suffering of the people in communities like our own, perhaps one day a party will appear that takes a little from each but until that day i will continue to fight as long as my legs and mind permit.  


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