Wow and i wonder why the panic as set in and a slight dump back on the council.

Five key changes in the Homelessness Reduction Act   The Homelessness Reduction Act (‘the Act’) is due to come into force in April 2018.1 The Act will modify and extend existing homelessness protection in a number of key ways:   1. Improved advice and information about homelessness and the prevention of homelessness   A review of the current homelessness legislation found that the information and advice provided to single homeless people needed to be much more effective.2 Under the Act, everyone in a local housing authority’s district should be able to access free information and advice on3: • preventing homelessness,4 • securing accommodation when homeless, • the rights of people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, and the duties of the authority, • any help that is available from the authority or anyone else  • how to access that help. Services providing advice and information must be designed to meet the needs of particular groups in the authority’s district, for example care leavers, people ‘suffering with a mental illness or impairment’ and groups identified as being at particular risk of homelessness.5  Housing authorities will need to work with other relevant statutory and non-statutory service providers to identify groups at particular risk and to develop appropriate, accessible provision. 67 Housing authorities may also wish to consult with particular groups, for example people in contact with the criminal justice system, before developing resources.8  Housing authorities can contract out advisory services so they are provided by other organisations

The Million and odd pounds is not going to cover this me thinks.


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