Cllr Warmisham mentioned yesterday over how he feels when women say on the door i don’t vote,but i would go further.

We have failed as aspiring politicians to engage the electorate,when we follow blindly the party dogma,when we fail to honour pledges of openness and transparency we have failed the people we claim to represent,is it small wonder people are turned off.Left Right many of the people don’t care they want the basic essentials of  life a home, a job, a rule of law and most of all a voice to be heard not told what to do. Labour are so shallow they jumped on the bandwagon yesterday of a pardon to those women who fought for their voice and the right to vote,me i would not pardon them i would honour them by remaining in history a brave number of people who fought for women’s rights and suffered for their cause only then we can say to women and men today on the doorstep people have died fighting for the vote and suffered unjustly i suggest you use your right won by others, others today who remain in history for their stance.Like many great women in history they will not be forgotten. Cllr Warmisham is right in his view but i would not isolate women men are today as guilty.


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