Yesterday i received a clip by email of what appears to be a Muslim man breaking off the breast of a statue in Italy

Before the shouts of racist appear i ask one question, if the man was a Muslim what was his rational for  damaging a thing of obvious beauty? i love art and there as been many superb pieces done by the great masters of the female form and yet it seems in some religions it is wrong to even display the female naked  form as a statue.I am baffled what century do these people live in?even in my city of Birth   Manchester one of our great Libraries as removed one more masterpiece because it contains women’s breast surely if people object then don’t go in if people dread the site of naked statues then don’t look or return to a country that shares your view. Today we see brave women taking off their scarves in protest this shows to me what i have always felt the religion these people follow forces woman to dress  in accordance of what a male dominated group feel fit. Yesterday we heard talk of the suffragettes surely today we should be fighting for the down trodden  Muslim women in our societies.   


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