God one more day of feeling the pain of America

I have used what i believe  to be some of the best weapons held at the time by the British Army the SLR the sterling submachine, and the LMG but one thing you have to understand  they were built for was the battlefield not the home.I can never in my mind understand how weapons like this could be allowed into civilian use, in Britain we have strict gun laws i used to shoot i was checked by the police and received my licence my guns where kept in a safe bolted to a wall and at no time did i store ammunition this was bought at the club my targets clay pigeons i enjoyed the sport and acted safely each year my guns were checked without fail and my licence updated,even though i feel our laws stringent in reality they work,why in gods name though do i see today more deaths of young children in America using high capacity military designed weapons Stoner must be turning over in his grave. Yes i believe in America having the right to arms but what is the logic in allowing high capacity assault rifles, the Police in my mind also are facing unexcitable threat  to life. As a Parent i fell sorrow for the parents who’s children have died.


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