The UKIP implosion.

What went wrong? before i joined i had the same concerns of the masses i did not wish to join a party that in all sense and purpose were the BNP in blazers, i met with the group at the Pendleton health centre they asked what i wanted to fight on i said local issues they offered their full support. Not once at a meeting did i hear racist comment ,the party secretary was a beautiful black lady here father was a late Lancashire cricketer of famous repute. Money was no object  and the group were a mix of passionate men and women. The policy on Europe made sense to me and we had one of the most underrated leaders a man who could and did hold an audience. It shocked me though to be attacked twice while canvassing with the screams of racist,the media and labour kept that fire burning with claims of fascist thrown in the pot to add insult. Today my membership sadly is almost out  and i will not be renewing sad when i saw what we had ripped apart by poor leaders who came after Nigel even today the emails i receive attack each other like children from the NEC to the leadership, the party had a goal it achieved that goal today i think people must understand the party is no more the support as gone the money drained and the future bleak all that’s left are the memories of what could have been.   


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