Read this digest it and be honest when was the last time you got the Manchester Weekly News Through your door.

The David Lewis Playing Fields in Broughton, formerly given to the people of Salford, has long been a centre of contention, with Salford Council and Salford University swapping land there.

Now the Council intends to sell land classed as Public Open Space, bordered by University Road and Wallness Lane, near the David Lewis Playing Fields, to Salford University for it to expand its Peel Park Quarter campus.

A legal note to the Council report detailing the intended land ‘disposal‘ states that “Under Section 123 (2A) of the Local Government Act 1972 the City Council may not dispose of any land consisting or forming part of an open space unless before doing so it advertises its intention in a newspaper, and considers any objections it receives to the proposal…”

Salford Council did advertise the proposed ‘disposal’ in the Manchester Weekly News for two weeks during April – at the height of the coronavirus lockdown. Unsurprisingly, the report concludes that “No representations were received in response to the public notices”.

Now, the report states, the City Mayor will “authorise negotiations being progressed with the University to seek to agree terms for a disposal of the land…”

To be honest it like me building at the back of my house and not seeking planning permission and in my defence saying i put a note of intent on Morrison’s add board

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