Ex Salford Councillor based in Pendlebury, active within the political scene. Strong Nationalist a firm believer in this country and it’s people. I have worked with the elderly for the past 20 years, for hobbies I own two expensive cameras and love Photography, I also have a motorbike spending more time being polished than I ride with retirement around the corner things should change. Keen to debate with serious Politicly motivated people.


  1. Can I just ask why the lib dem mps didnt whistle blow about the expenses scandal? Is it because you are also part of the problem?
    All parties are guilty by association and all parties are embroiled in the expenses mess, therefore the blame lies on the shoulder of all mps.
    Parties should be working together to ensure that their mps understand that their responsibility is to their constituents.

    1. I don’t sit in parliment, i sit in a local Council. I belive that every thing should be open and transparent. If you wish to see what i get per year i will direct you to the site and offer anything you wish to know about me
      in relation to my politics and views. That is you right to know, no one Liberal Dem, Labour or Tory should abuse our system and survive, remember it’s the people who will have the last word

  2. You may not sit in parliament but obviously support the Lib Dems if you are one of the councillors.
    Have you asked your mps why they didnt blow the whole expenses scandal out of the water beforehand….or do you disassociate yourself from the Lib Dems in parliament?

    1. Lol – i suggest before you comment you find out more about me,I stood in Council to support a Labour motion to go as far as deselection. That goes for any party. We are small in numbers and in three years not for the want of trying i have been lucky to address face to face two Mp’s only my voice matters little it is the voice of the people that will make the most telling decisions.

  3. Fair do”s-but I only asked a question….it wasnt inended as a criticism of the lib dems…. Ive asked the other parties the same question.

  4. Cant begin to tell you how sad I feel!
    EU results in-BNP with 2 seats.

    I hope that mps from all parties are satisfied now! …..results caused by petty infights, greed and ego trips … you reap what you sow and the innocent of this country suffer as a consequence.

    Parliament has been shown up in all its ugly glory-what a sad day for democracy of our brilliant country.

    Wonder who will be next on the witch hunt-the electorate are baying for blood.
    Methinks local government- are good councillors are going to be tarred with the same brush? They must all stand up and be counted-no more hiding behind party whips.

    1. Hi Lol
      I can only stand on my record, i hope i have helped the people i set out to help. For any one who thinks i have failed then we live in a democracy. You are right in your comments,the people like Hazel Blears and members of all parties have shamed British politics.Today with this country voted for the BNP i feel
      sad, is it a protest i don’t know.i spent a lot of time working with the aged and i met someone from a nazi death camp. Perhaps is words should be allowed to echo through our schools to remind our children what many of these old men and women fought for to give us the right to live in peace. Parties like the BNP preach hate i will allways fight that for as long as a can.

  5. Hi Iain, just thought Id post your personal response to my questions-hope you dont mind my sharing it, ..

    Iain says the following

    Thanks for your comments on my blog

    Our local campaigner for Ordsall was Yan-Nin Cockayne, who I know worked pro-actively with local residents across the area. Unfortunately Yan has now moved out of Salford and is unable to continue her hard work. We do have members in Ordsall and Langworthy and I am sure that some of them will take a lead in the community in the near future

    As you will be aware, we do not (sadly, yet) have any Conservative Councillors in the Ordsall or Langworthy area, but we will continue to promote a positive Conservative alternative to the people of Salford who have been let down and taken for granted by the Labour Council.
    I asked Ian Lindley about their campaigns in the Ordsall and Langworthy area….just thought Id share the answer with your readers

    Ian Linley says…
    As a Conservative group of Councillors we are happy to take up any issues from local residents across Salford, if you have any specific issues that you feel the Conservative group could help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We also have a strong “city seats” team of candidates working across Salford and Manchester who are happy to speak with any local residents.

    As Conservatives we are trying to get out and about and speak to as many local residents as possible, however as I am sure you will appreciate there are over 200000 people in Salford and with limited resources we cannot knock on every door overnight!
    I hope this answers some of your concerns, if you have any further questions please get in touch.

    1. Hi
      Lol Glad to hear there are still some conservative remnants left in Ordsall, a part of the city that sadly reminds of a famous book a tale of two cities. I spent many a happy time in ordsall. With my old man being a docker, it’s sad it slowly losing the old salford crowd. God bless the people there past and present

      1. I though for a second which colour would you like and Changed it to that- Black=Merry Xmas

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