Fresh off the Salford Star


Star date: 18th August 2017


Cash strapped Salford City Council has, in the last few months, handed sponsorship to the BBC of £150,000 and £36,000 to the Manchester International Festival, which included subsidising an opera for babies and an ‘end of the world party’.

Meanwhile, next week, the Council is proposing to close The Grange, the city’s only residential care home for disabled children, despite opposition from staff and families.

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It’s funny really i hold none, the difficulty of some mystical being portrayed as a man with a beard and robes performing miracles is hard to believe. Others do believe, and they have the right to hold those belief’s.what i can’t except are those that scream out their religion is a religion of peace in one hand and yet carry a gun or a detonator in the other i am sick of hearing of how great Mohamed is and Islam is wonderful and have to sit and watch the bodies of men, women, and children litter the streets  of my country and others. Before the screams of racist come through i don’t care if these people are finding it hard to live amongst us in peace then go somewhere on this planet that finds your views acceptable and let others amongst us Jews,Catholics, protestants, what ever live what short life we have together in peace. 

Is AMERICA trying to wipe out it’s history

More than 150 years after the Civil War ended, the Confederacy is memorialized with statues, monuments and historical markers across the United States.

Some say they mark history and honour heritage. Others argue they are racist symbols of America’s dark legacy of slavery. No one can except Slavery, no one can except a war between families, but the facts are it happened.  In Europe we faced Nazi tyranny it happened no one should try to hide that stain in our history by removing symbols nether should America.

My Crises of confidence in Labours ability to get a return on their Loans.

Salford City Council is set to agree a further loan to its City of Salford Community Stadium (COSCOS) for ‘up to’ £632,500 this week.

COSCOSbranded the AJ Bell Stadium and home to Salford Red Devils and Sale Sharks – is a joint venture company with Peel Holdings, which will also forward a matching loan for the ailing project.

Latest Salford Council accounts show that, at the end of March this year, there was an outstanding loan of £16.678million for the actual building of the stadium, plus £7.442million outstanding loans for ‘operational funding’. This latest loan of £632,500 for ‘operational funding’ will take the total to £24.752million.

The Stadium company made a £1.459million loss last year – down from a £671,000 profit the year before – and has net liabilities of £7.068million, up from liabilities of £5.610million last yea

Out of the money put in we will get a payment of roughly twice that,this from Salford Labour i wonder i have little confidence do you.

God Bless America with Trump leading this great country i dread to see the future, for it’s people and the world.

For seven months, President Donald Trump giddily has ignored the norms of his office and tried the patience of those who had more than a passing knowledge of its history.
But during Tuesday’s press conference, before the gold-plated bank of elevators inside his Midtown temple to himself, the President defended those linked to white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other racist corners of American society in a display that defied any historical precedent. So striking was his bold protection of a small but vocal part of his political base, many reporters in the marble foyer dared to interrupt the President. If he was breaking with custom, so, too, would they.The American voter must today understand they have made a mistake,under pressure i don’t believe this  man as the ability to perform the tasks he was elected to do.