Can i ask the question

Should we today after the events of yesterday be reassessing security at key events.Surely any area that offers large amounts of people is open to attack and from the reports i have read today they are serious issues with the lack of security personnel.  I think we forget that these people are paramount to our safety, the question in my mind was how the person could gain entry with a bag large enough to carry enough explosive to cause such devastation.


indoctrination the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.Where does it begin? The home,Schools, places of worship,Social media, foreign news. Perhaps we should be asking the question because growing up i never heard or witnessed what i see today. I only wish as a government the people who lead us  react and expel these preachers of hate, religion should not be an excuse to kill or maim or to seek dominance over us it should be a catalyst for peace.We fear today that we are to be accused of being racist when we ask why people are allowed to preach and instil hate,why? i ask others to ask the same question why are people allowed to peddle hatred and fear and why as the world not united to stamp out this evil .

The Bastards that bomb the innocents in the name of religion.

Yesterday i went to bed unaware that terror had struck the town of my birth, today i read of the innocents torn apart by a possible suicide bomber and for what? some people who believe their  religious icon is greater than the next!! surely it’s time to hound out these fanatics.The day this country tightens its borders and brings back control is the  day i would feel safe in the knowledge that the people i love can walk the streets in reasonable safety, my heart goes out this morning to those families who have lost love ones,and to those that choose hate i say to you your not wanted here go back from once you came.

This Lady is not for turning well one Thatcher phrase May can’t use.she turns and squeaks like a spinning top.

Theresa May carried out an emergency U-turn today on the social care reforms in the face of a growing Tory revolt.
In a rapid move to prevent the storm derailing the Conservative election campaign, she gave way to Tory candidates demanding a cap on the maximum that could be charged to the elderly for their care.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the Standard: “We want to make sure that people who have worked hard and saved up all their lifetimes, do not have to worry about losing all their assets through a disease as random as dementia.