Does it every worry you about the left when you read statements like this.


Not only does Armed Forces Day promote unquestioning loyalty to an imperialistic institution, it also costs a fortune. We ask these people to risk their lives and then when asked to offer some base support the loony left think it’s expensive and promotes imperialism. Perhaps those whinging about our armed forces and the Monarchy should take their Left wing manifestos and sod off. 

Corbyn a man lost in all sense of reality making promises he must understand he can never make come into fruition.


£ 10 minimum wage for 16 year olds.i wonder does he feel that confident he may have them reeled come next election? the man is like a modern day fairy story writer, so the kids get £10 per hour what of the next up the food chain,£  20? It’s ok for the idiot socialist rag readers they believe this shite surely not the voter who can think. 

Well done Steve off the Salford star proving the point , that any one who can ask questions to Labour that might cause issues is taken out of the Equation.


Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett is holding a press conference this afternoon – to which the Salford Star, as the only press based in Salford, was not invited. The Press conference! to discuss the cladding that surrounds our high rise buildings. If Steve was allowed in perhaps there would have been a few faces one shade darker than the Rosettes that they wear.  Once again Labour fear transparency.

According to one source the Tories struggled on day one of the brexit talks.


DAVID Davis was forced to surrender his trousers during the first day of Brexit talks, it has been confirmed.

After a day of tense negotiations in Brussels, the Brexit Secretary also signed over his house and his car in exchange for an adjustable chair and a glass of tap water.

Davis said: “At one point I handed over the key card to my hotel room. Not entirely sure how that happened, truth be told.

“I anticipate round two being much better after a good night’s sleep on a bench.”

Talks began with an exchange of gifts between Davis and the EU chief negotiator, with Davis presenting Michel Barnier with a book on mountaineering and Barnier giving Davis a massive wedgie.

It its understood Davis lost the upper hand when the German negotiator stole his pen and refused to give it back until he performed the macarena in his underpants for a full five minutes.

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