When they tell you crimes down in Salford what part are they talking about?

Two violent raiders robbed a post office in Salford this morning.

Horrified staff and customers looked on as two men, both dressed in dark clothing and wearing balaclavas, walked into the Gilda Brook Post Office on Eccles Old Road at around 9.20am on Friday 21 November.
The men pulled out crowbars and started to attack the plastic security screens to try and smash their way through.
Money was handed to one while the other told two customers to get on the floor and cash was taken from them.
Both ran out and got into a grey or silver small car before driving off towards Park Road.

Every thing but the kitchen sink and still the Tories failed….

The unprecedented scale of the Conservative operation which failed to hold back the Ukip tide in Rochester and Strood can be laid bare today.

Leaked emails sent by the party’s Whips’ Office show that in the 54 days since MP Mark Reckless’s defection to Ukip, there were around 100 separate visits to the constituency by Cabinet ministers, including five by the Prime Minister.

Some 246 Conservative MPs – 80 per cent of the total – hit the campaign trail, with so many there that they were asked to sit in offices stuffing envelopes rather than knocking doors, amid reports voters were sick and tired of constant canvassing.

Sorry but i love this reply off the star……

Suprised wrote
at 1:55:35 PM on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Very interesting article, I wonder how many people like me thought that the Gateway centres were owned by the council? That’s certainly the impression that the Labour party candidates give on their election leaflets, I feel now that I have been a target of a con artist. Having looked into things a bit further it now seems clear to me that the council in Salford are strangling the young of this city with massive debts just to make a short term gain in making themselves look good. Shame on them for doing the dirty deal in the first place and massive shame on them for now charging the council tax payer for THEIR mistake.