Sham Marriages on the hour every hour.

A sham marriage ‘every hour’ in the UK: More than 7,500 fake ceremonies reported but just 90 people thrown out of the country

  • More than 7,500 fake weddings reported in Britain last year, figures reveal
  • But despite huge scale of problem, only 90 people deported from country
  • Means that for every 85 sham marriages, just one person thrown out of UK
  • Is the Coalition is ‘presiding over broken immigration system’ ‘people want rules enforced’

The system is open to wide spread abuse and needs urgent review how long can we go on standing by and doing little to prevent this farce.

The reality of a failed system


Star date: 24th July 2014


“It’s gobsmacking and you would really question your faith in Salford City Council’s political system today” Steve North, Salford City UNISON

There was fury yesterday as six councillors sitting on Salford Council’s Budget Scrutiny Committee unanimously voted to reject a `call in’ to reconsider over £4million of cuts to services for vulnerable people in the city.

The call in was brought by three Labour councillors, who, backed by service users, argued against the cuts on both financial, safety and moral grounds. But UNISON’s Steve North said afterwards, “We put our faith in the democratic process, were patronised and then told unanimously that we needn’t have bothered.”

Full details here…

The Scrutiny Committee, having heard all the arguments – including a mother of two disabled adults pleading “Do we have to wait for a tragedy before you wake up?” – then unanimously voted to reject the call in.

The Scrutiny Committee was made up of councillors John Warmisham, George Wilson, Charlie McIntyre, Val Burgoyne, John Ferguson (Labour Party), and Les Turner (Conservative Party).

Interesting piece from the UKIP deputy leader

UKIP welcome damning HS2 report

A damning new report by a Whitehall watchdog which raises serious concerns over HS2 has been welcomed by MEP Paul Nuttall.

The report by the National Audit Office (NAO) warns that the rail project has an estimated funding gap of over £3 billion and Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader, said that the Government should now stop HS2.
The document questions the business case behind the HS2 rail link and has identified an estimated £3.3 billion funding gap in the Department for Transport’s (DfT) plans.
The spending watchdog said it had reservations over how HS2 is expected to transform regional economies with jobs and growth and said current evidence provided a ‘weak foundation’ for success.
“This report is a major embarrassment to the Government as its findings come just days after Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin called for a blank cheque book for the rail project,” said Mr Nuttall, Euro-MP for the North West.
“I would not trust this Government with a piggy bank let alone the taxpayers’ cheque book. The Government dismisses the NAO’s figures as being 18 months ‘out of date’, when its own business case for HS2 is based on figures over 10 years old.
“It also insists on rushing ahead with this project despite the fact that similar projects in Spain and France prove that the capital city will always benefit, not the other areas..
“This gung-ho approach by the Government will lead to an unrealistic time table and a very poor investment.
“The scheme is an ill thought through dog’s breakfast and the Government’s arrogant and dismissive response to the report shows Ministers are simply not listening.
“HS2 should be scrapped and one third of the cash saved should be ploughed into the existing rail network,” he said.

Fascinating comment off the star- question!!

The Council commissioned an independent report into future planning for secondary education in Salford in 2010. One conclusion of the report was that the school at MediaCity should NOT be opened, but that the Buile Hill site should be redeveloped. The Council rejected the findings of the independent report because they’d invested too much money in the project already and indicated that they would not consider any feedback on the part of the report dealing with Oasis/Buile Hill. Here’s a link to the report.

Why commission a report just to ignore it,surely this shows the arrogance of Salford Labour,