Well i always thought Russell Brand was a prick and todays statements surely must make people agree.

Russell Brand in new storm as he accuses US of terrorism on day that 132 Pakistani children are slaughtered by Taliban – and jokes that he thought waterboarding was ‘just a hobby’

  • Russell Brand has criticised the United States in his latest Twitter rant
  • He said those who do terror best are those who decide what terror is
  • He was interviewing a Briton detained at Guantanamo Bay for three years
  • Brand said he thought waterboarding was a type of hobby 

So when do we stand back and say enough is enough

image Is this a religious war

or a culture war i don’t  have a clue, but when we see animals like this take life for the simple reason they can then it’s time

we took action to eradicate what is nothing more than evil fed on on the blood of innocents. The weapons are those of Russia

Austria and Germany they seem in ample supply who is feeding this scum with cash able to purchase these weapons of death.

Hard to except figures with the devastating toll on the homeless in Britain.

Migrants given one in ten council homes: Number of foreign tenants living in local authority properties up 3% since 2010

  • One in 10 local authority homes occupied by tenant born outside UK
  • Statistics show around 27,000 occupied by non British nationals
  • Department for Communities and Local Government released figures
  • The proportion is said to have soared since David Cameron came into power